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Company Profile

Ibis Landscapes based in Perth, Western Australia, is a boutique landscape consultancy devoted to top quality service in all aspects of landscape planning, landscape design, technical support and construction services.

From the tiniest courtyards to large country properties, and everything In between, the passionate team from Ibis Landscapes in WA focus completely on the task at hand.

One of the more difficult challenges in landscape design and planning is the renovation and rationalisation of an older garden and this is an area Ibis Landscapes has a long history of success with.

The other challenge currently facing the industry Is water supply. How to create cool, shady, colourful gardens that can thrive on a limited water supply in a hot and dry environment takes all the experience that our 22 years of landscaping offers.

Itemised breakdowns of costings ensure that clients are fully informed and comfortable with their outlays. We can work around a pre-set budget or design to a vision.

Many people in Perth have used our landscape services on a number of projects, and we stay mindful of the ongoing opportunity that each new client offers.

Roger and Trina Vaughan form the design team. Trina is a passionate plantswoman, who can bring colour, scent and form to any space she is pointed at. Sustainable and beautiful gardens are her prime objective.

Roger sets the hardscape design, and the excitement of a new challenge is still the driving force that keeps each new situation unique.

Ken and Terry are the onsite managers in charge of installations and maintenance. Their attention to detail and friendly natures have won them much admiration. Ken Is a craftsman who will do whatever it takes to ensure a quality outcome.

Ibis Landscapes also uses tradesmen in specialised areas most of whom have worked for many years with us. We offer design, planning, advice, site management and supervision, supply and installation of all aspects of landscaping.

From new gardens, to renovations in Perth or out in the country, we are always keen for the next challenge.